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Finally: ACCESS! - Lazarus Yurt [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Finally: ACCESS! [Jul. 10th, 2011|08:43 am]


[mood |Encouraged]
[music |Mussorgsky: "Pictures at an Exhibition"]

The down-side of a great snow year is that it extends the "'Tween Time", when the snow has melted out enough to prevent going in on ski or snow cat, yet there's still too much of it to drive a vehicle to the Yurt. The MTTA has been plowing the road to the old Snow Bowl site ("Snow Hole" as I like to call it now), in hopes of being able to start construction on the new cabin by Fourth of July (ha!). Just before the holiday  weekend, those in the know wouldn't even speculate as to when we might finally be able to break ground.  It's another 2-1/2 miles to the Yurt from that road; 2-1/2 miles that hasn't been plowed or maintained since the Yurt was prematurely closed a month before the end of ski season. (This was due to a gas leak in the Yurt and a full vault under the outhouse.) (Okay, maybe that counts as two gas leaks...)
ANYHOW! I received an email from our Trail Operations Coordinator: he was able to drive the plow truck to the Yurt yesterday. How much longer until we can get there in my Outback or edbook 's Explorer is anyone's guess, but it's considerably more encouraging than the news last week.

The Yurt in April of an "average" snow year...

I really, really, REALLY need to get up in the mountains. The Yurt is my key to Paradise (and sanity!).