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August Yurt workparty - Lazarus Yurt [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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August Yurt workparty [Aug. 20th, 2007|05:50 pm]


There were four of us who showed up for the workparty at The Yurt... Jon and Sue and Pat and me... We made progress on our "list".

--installed panels for the outhouse ceiling and two sidewalls ('still need to do the end walls)

--cut holes in the doors for the downstairs in prep for installing windows in the doors to let in more light downstairs (one door is wood-the other metal)

--insulated, framed, and paneled one of the stacks of 2'x6'x6' concrete blocks that support the yurt... it was our prototype and the rest will be easier now that we have the construction plan in mind. The upstairs was given a good cleaning

--installed locks on the downstairs lockers

I'm sure I missed something...

I lost my pocket pal 10megapixel camera...

Pat played his backpacking guitar, we had a good breakfast by Sue... , it rained on and off and all night long. I didn't wake anyone with my snoring from my van... good wine and cheese... a good trip...

'hopefully, we'll get more volunteers for next month's workparty...


ps here's a link to show the yurt downstairs where we were working.