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Lazarus Yurt

over the hills and through the woods to the Yurt

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This journal is for and about the Mount Tahoma Trails Yurt. The Moderators are yurtmeister email: pgzyzz at comcast dot net and edbook email: ed at edbookphoto dot com.

The Yurt is part of a system of three cabins (huts) and one yurt along cross country ski trails located southwest of Mt Rainier in the Tahoma State Forest and private timber company lands. The system is managed and maintained by the Mount Tahoma Trails Association (skimtta.org), a non-profit, all-volunteer organization based in Ashford, WA.

This community has no official affiliation or standing with the MTTA.

MTTA Yurt (Mount Tahoma Trails Association)  ©2004 Ed Book   http://edbookphoto.com

This journal was set up unofficially to bring together friends of the Yurt for sharing stories of visits there, the yurt's history (it has quite a history) and for Yurt users to voice their opinions, wants, and needs. It's also a place for the Yurt to voice wants and needs to hopefully find folks able and willing to help out...

more later