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Emerging from the Time Warp [Feb. 13th, 2012|03:44 pm]



I knew this photo existed, but haven’t been able to find it for years. It was taken soon after the Yurt first arose in its initial incarnation on the shoulders of Mt. Griffin, ca. 1996. It was relocated to this meadow and former yarder landing from its original location at Colonade Ridge, some thirty-five miles to the north. (Those are as-the-crow-flies miles; the actual journey on logging roads was over 130 miles!)


I found this Polaroid with the above photo. My guess is that it’s from 2002. The 2x6 rafters and plywood strips in lieu of lattice indicate it's after the collapse of '99. The kitchen has been upgraded at least twice since the Yurt’s relocation from Colonnade Ridge to Mt. Griffin, but it's before the oak cabinets were installed. The biggest clue is that the original furnace is still in use. (Yes, that's the same person in both images...)

Despite the improvements to the kitchen, these were still the bad old days when the sink drained straight down into a five-gallon bucket. Woe it was to the skier who failed to heed its load…


[User Picture]From: edbook
2012-02-20 10:58 pm (UTC)
wow, what a difference a few years makes in the forest... much more-so than in people...

I have seen only one other photo of the yurt before it grew up. I'd like to post this in the MTT Facebook page... by the way, the FB page has long eclipsed skimtta in up to date reports... actually seeing and reading what's going on up there the same day vice months later.

I almost went up there last night but was still too tired from my last 48 hours with a client who needed my constant attention.

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[User Picture]From: yurtmeister
2012-02-21 07:19 pm (UTC)

Photo on MTT FB

By all means, feel free to use the image. (As community moderator, you should have access to the file spec.)

I have one other photo of the pre-elevated Yurt, but it was after the mudroom (which I built during my first full summer as manager) was added to the structure.

I won't be on call this weekend. Let me know if you're heading up.
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[User Picture]From: yurtmeister
2012-02-21 07:20 pm (UTC)


btw: Would you send me a link to the MTT FB page? Thanx!
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