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The Yurtmeister is Dead - Long live the Yurtmeister! [Jun. 2nd, 2010|05:53 pm]



Nearly fourteen years ago, a motley mob of semi-conscious volunteers gathered at a high-boy landing on the shoulder of Griffin Mountain. As they rubbed their eyes and sipped coffee in attempt to rejoin the present, the early morning alpine mist evaporated into surprisingly brilliant sunshine. The collective fog-between-the-ears dissipated as quickly, replaced by a restlessness to Get Something Done. I was a relative newby in the group and didn't feel comfortable ordering about the Olt Timers, but it didn't appear anyone else present knew what was going on. All of The Leaders had been up until 04:00 getting the various pieces of yurt to the landing from its previous location at Colonade Ridge. That was in the old MTTSS North District, accessible only via Kapowsin. Twenty-two miles as the crow flies, but over 140 miles of mostly logging roads from where we now stood. There absence was understandable.

 I knew we couldn't start reassembling the Yurt until we had something to assemble it on, so I started cobbling together the pieces of platform from the pile, asking various folks to help with this or that along the way. The process gained momentum, and by the time The Leaders returned, the better part of a Yurt rose from the meadow to greet them.

And that is how I became the manager of the MTTA Yurt.

In January of 1999, the Yurt collapsed in a record snow dump on top of a record snow pack. A few months later I moved to Italy and Paul Smith stepped up to ride shotgun over the Yurt's resurrection in its current (elevated) incarnation. I helped out as his assistant after my return to the area in 2000 (after all the heavy lifting was done!). When Paul's career took him out of state in 2002, I stepped back in to the manager's position. I've been at it ever since, assisted for most of this second round by the most capable Ed Book.

So after having nurtured and nursed the Yurt through a dozen of the last fourteen years, it's WAY past time for me to pass on the torch. I'm pleased and proud to announce that Ed Book will now preside over the Yurt's health and well-being, to be ably assisted by his son Seth. And so a new generation joins the fraternity.

Please join me in welcoming Ed Book as the new Yurtmeister!

(And remember: the best way to welcome the new Yurtmeister is to show up for his work parties!)

-Pat Gleason
Yurtmeister Emeritus


From: skikodiak
2010-06-03 06:32 am (UTC)

The new Yurtmeister...

I was sitting here thinking about the latest yurt news and was trying to remember exactly when I met Ed. There wasn't a defining moment, just one of the good guys I worked with at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. It had to be late 1979 or early 1980 or so. We both worked in the Nuclear Test Engineering Division and Ed was always a great guy to visit and take a little break and discuss the future of the universe or something less in the world. Ed would stop by my house on his Goldwing motorcycle, much to the delight of my son Jeff. Seth was just a little guy back then. Ed was always taking a long trip on his bike to make photographs (I may take pictures or snapshots, Ed always makes photographs).

So back to the Yurt..... I came up for a work party one summer and ended up at the yurt. They had just assembled it and were putting the finishing touches on structure. Yo and behold I arrive and find another nuc working on the yurt. It was Bob Taylor, whom I've know about as long as Ed. I spent the day doing whatever, but part of the fun was being on the ladder as we moved the plexiglass dome into position. I found a great group of people that were dedicated to the outdoors and the trail system. I joined the ski patrol the following winter.

Back to Ed..... So a couple year later I was talking to Ed and asked what he had been up to. He said he'd been out making photographs up near Mt. Rainier. I asked him where he was staying and he said in his van. I made the suggestion that he should join the ski patrol and he'd get a nicer place to sleep, and get to make his photographs as well. His response was something to the effect of "That's easy Mike, I don't ski." I came back with well you can walk can't you, you can do ski patrol on snowshoes. Ed came up for a work party, where we were putting a new roof on High Hut. I stayed the weekend, Ed didn't come home for several days after the work party. He just stayed and kept working.

As they say, the rest in history. Ed has been one of the most active volunteers in MTTA. Knowing Ed for all these years, his being the Hut Manager at the Yurt is a perfect fit. Those folks who have visited the Yurt know that it is a special place. I don't know how else to explain it, but when you are there, you just feel good, you feel welcome, and you have good sense about being there. MTTA and the Yurt are very lucky to have Ed as the new Yurtmeiser. We are all going to miss Pat, but Pat did well in leaving Ed a great legacy to follow.

If you haven't been to Ed's website and look at his photographs, you are missing out on some real magic. My sister described her first visit to look at his photos by saying "If you don't totally melt after seeing Ed's work, you are made of stone." I tell people just search for "Ed Book Photography" and poke around there for a while. Make sure you have a little time, because once you are there, you don't want to stop looking.

Mike Dunn
MTTA Ski Patrol #18
MTTA Board of Directors
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[User Picture]From: ravenfeather
2010-06-03 10:34 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: edbook
2010-06-03 06:44 pm (UTC)

is Sasquatch visiting the yurt? now we know who drank the wine

Who is the fat guy?

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[User Picture]From: yurtmeister
2010-06-05 03:32 am (UTC)

Re: is Sasquatch visiting the yurt? now we know who drank the wine

(Sure kid...)
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